1st Annual Young African Leadership Conference

Africa is on the verge of great change…with youth as catalysts. Fortunately, Africans in the diaspora are playing a vital role in the change.

On February 26, a group of Ghanaian youth organized the 1st Annual Young African Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, with a panel and Atlanta City Council member, Mr. Kwanza Hall as the guess speaker.

For me, the conference was confirmation that Africa is going through an awakening and am so happy to be part of it. I met youth who are doing amazing things and the most beautiful thing was to see the Pan-African presence: Kenyans, African Americans, Kenyans, Ghanaians, Tanzanians, Haitians, and that’s only what I know.

Here are some quotes that I was able to scribble down from participants:

I don’t wake up and put on my Nigerian coat.” Crystal Azu, panelist

We’ve got to put our necks out on the line to make a difference in our community.” Kwanza Hall, guest speaker

Your change, and your dreams have to be delusional.” Nnenna Lovette, participant

We let our kids watch a sponge flipping burgers and we wonder why they shrug their shoulders when they heard about Ghandi and Mandela.”  Crystal Azu, panelist

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