Nigeria: Presidential Debate 2011

On March 25, 2011 an unprecedented event took place in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A youth focus-focused presidential debate aired live in Nigeria. Chimamanda Adichie moderated the debate. I helped out with the production, and worked on a quick “man on the street-style.” The best part of being a part of this whole venture, was meeting passionate, intelligent young Nigerians who really want change in the country.

Background info

Who: a coalition of youth advocacy groups, celebrities and renowned individuals under the umbrella of the “What About Us?” campaign have organized the first youth-focused debate. Renowned folks and celebrities include music artists, Nneka and Banky W.

What: Based on an online poll, the youth have decided that the participating candidates should present their views on education, corruption, power. I agree, these are relevant issues…especially education. It’s ridiculous that Nigeria does not have a financial aid system to help students cover the costs of a university-education. You’ve got thousands of intelligent Nigerians who have completed high school and are waiting for money to go to a university/college. It’s sad, really.

When: March 25, 2011 at 7pm

Where: Abuja, Nigeria

Why: The youth are the silent majority of Nigeria. 70% of Nigeria’s population comprises individuals under the age of 35. Our issues matters! Our voice is relevant! In the atmosphere of the winds of change sweeping through North Africa, Nigeria youth realize that they can do something.

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