Hour Of Death…

I do not support the death penalty. I don’t know. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand killing someone in the name of justice. Call me naive, but I believe there are other ways to “get justice.” So, yeah. I’m against capital punishment, regardless of the crime. i guess my stance sounds a lot like that of Amnesty International’s. My view is that as long as you are not the devil, then you deserve to live.

That’s why I signed the petition to save the life of Troy Davis. The Georgia inmate has been on death row for about 20 years for a crime that he says he did not do…killing a police officer in Savannah, GA. The case has received international attention, with a massive outpouring of support for 42-year-old Davis simply because there is too much doubt to move forward with a conscionable execution. Recently, a number of key witnesses and sources have changed their testimonies or recanted previous versions of their accounts. In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, the slain police officer’s mother was quoted as saying Davis’ death will help give her peace.


How does a man’s execution pacify anyone? Yes, I sympathize with the mother for the murder of her son…but ending another man’s life just ain’t the answer. It’s really not– I promise! Especially when you aren’t even 100% positive that the guy murdered your son. You cannot be 100% positive because you weren’t at the scene of the crime.

Today, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles listened to hours of testimonies from both sides. The ruling will come tomorrow. Will Davis die on Wednesday? Will he take his last breaths on September 21?

And what does one do? Would would I do if I knew my exact hour of death?


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